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Google CEO: 'Data belongs to the user'

Google says it will not renew a controversial contract with the Defense Department, bowing to public and internal pressure over its contribution to Pentagon drone strikes.

Google Cloud CEO Diane Greene told employees Friday that Google would honor its commitment to the Pentagon's Project Maven program through March 2019, but would not seek a new contract at that time, a source familiar with the matter told CNN.

Project Maven uses artificial intelligence to enhance drone strikes. Google has also worked to develop machine learning algorithms that would help the Pentagon enhance its surveillance efforts generally.

Google's involvement with the Pentagon has divided staff and 4,000 employees signed a petition demanding "a clear policy stating that neither Google nor its contractors will ever build warfare technology." About a dozen employees resigned in protest.

The news of Google's plan to end its involvement was first reported by Gizmodo . Google has not commented on the matter and will not say whether it plans to cease working with the Pentagon altogether after March 2019.

The source said Google does plan to outline its views on the ethics of its artificial intelligence work at some point in the near future.

The debate over Project Maven comes as military and law enforcement grow increasingly reliant on tech companies to fuel their surveillance efforts. Amazon's decision to share its facial recognition technology with local law enforcement agencies has raised red flags among civil rights groups.

And St. John’s is on the move, preparing for the next 300 years. In the last 18 months the college hired new presidents at each campus. With fresh leadership in place, the school is gearing-up for a major $250 million capital campaign. St. John’s is strengthening its enrollment pipeline, too. New admission director Ben Baum and his team have boosted applications to more than 1100 this year (up 35% from post-recession lows), with some 250 freshman expected to enroll in Annapolis and Sante Fe this fall. A seasoned admissions professional, Baum was drawn to the school in 2015 because of its unique educational offering. “Most colleges and universities struggle for a special identity in the crowded higher education marketplace,” he says, “That’s not an issue with St. John’s.”

The college offers a summer program for high school juniors that has been a good source of recruits, as has the international marketplace. The growing demand around the world for liberal arts education, as I’ve recently chronicled ,has boosted overseas applications to St. John’s unique program. In recent years, between 20-25% of classes have been filled by international students (often paying full tuition), adding a nice mix of cultural and racial diversity to the student body.

Then there is the issue of rankings. For years, St. John’s resisted even filling out survey data requested by US News and World Reports. Culturally, some faculty and staff were (and still are) incensed by the rankings fetish that has gripped most of higher education. But determined to continue its mission into the future without sacrificing the curriculum and culture that makes it unique, St. John’s realized it needed to boost its profile and applications. Ranking surveys were filled. The number of admission application essays was reduced. US News now ranks St. John’s as the 53rd best national liberal arts college. In recent years, Forbes ranked the Santa Fe campus as the “Most Rigorous” in the US (with Annapolis ranked eighth, odd given the same Program), way ahead of the big Ivies like Harvard (17th), Princeton (20th), Yale (23rd), and Stanford (25th). The school’s tutors are often cited as among the best teachers in the country. Application numbers are rising and acceptance rates falling, all of which contribute to positive ratings momentum.

The future

Life in the 21st century is remarkably different than the late 20th century; it has been “disrupted,” to borrow an overused word from Silicon Valley, on many levels in the blink of an eye. A college degree is an indisputable asset in today’s world, but the uncertain and rapidly changing job market raises questions about whether college is really worth the investment of four years and a lot of money. But perhaps that question is too broad. Maybe we should be asking not whether college will adequately educate tomorrow’s citizens, but what kind of college will prepare them for an unimagined and even unimaginable future. St. John’s is facing the unknown by holding steady with the same approach to intellectual development, discourse, collaboration and rigor it has pursued for over 80 years. Maybe the “old school” way will produce the kind of innovative thinkers we will need in the brave new world.

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The Kushner Companies, the family business that Jared Kushner ran before joining his father-in-law in the White House, regularly filed false paperwork with New York City regulators, according to the Associated Press . The more than 80 work permits, which were filed in relation to 34 buildings in New York from 2013 to 2016, declared that the company had no rent-regulated tenants in the buildings, when in fact they had hundreds. The practice allegedly allowed Kushner Companies to quickly gentrify buildings even if they contained rent-regulated apartments — an often cumbersome problem for developers. None of the documents have Kushner’s signature on them, but were instead signed by Kushner Companies’s chief operating officer or another employee.

If the forms had been filled out correctly, the company’s construction crews could have been subject to stricter oversight by the city, particularly to make sure that the company wasn’t harassing rent-regulated tenants in a effort to get them to move out. Tenants of some of the buildings told the AP that they did feel harassed by the construction. One rent-regulated tenant said she was offered at least $10,000 to leave her East Village building amid construction that sometimes went on in the middle of the night. The man who offered her the money told her that, “I know it’s pretty horrible, but we can help you get out.” She sued the company — and won— instead. Another tenant claimed that Kushner Companies illegally tried to increase his rent by 60 percent and ultimately succeeded in clearing out all the other tenants in his building.

The Housing Rights Initiative , a New York tenants-rights organization which uses “a data driven and systematic approach to investigating real estate fraud and connecting tenants to legal support,” discovered the relevant documents, which were then compared against tax records to reveal the discrepancies. The organization’s founder, Aaron Carr, told the AP that Kushner Companies was guilty of “bare-faced greed” in pursuit of quick returns on its investments. New York City Council member Ritchie Torres now plans to investigate the false documents, and has accused the company of weaponizing construction against tenants. The city also says that two of the buildings in question are already under investigation for tenant harassment.

But most New York City landlords who are found to have submitted false paperwork— a misdemeanor crimethat can result in an up to $25,000 fine — get away with it if they amend their forms when eventually confronted. Kushner Companies apparently did that with the false documents it submitted, a year or two later.

Even actors auditioning to become a character in a major seriesareoften given very fake lines to audition with.

Thankfully, when Angela Kinsey donated a bunch of old scripts to charity,the show was already off the air, so spoilerswere not an issue.

When Steve Carell left The Office, it was a major blow to his cast and crew. Everyone loved him so much that many cried at the thought of him never coming back.

Oscar Nunez admitted to hiding in the warehouse in order to cry during Carell's final episode. Nunez felt that experience was even more emotional than the series finale .

Executive producer Greg Daniels had transitioned over to Parks and Recreation at the time, but he came back in order to write Carell's last episode, just like Michael Scott came back to attend Dwight and Angela's wedding.

Pam Beesly and Angela Martin were not the best of friends. Despite Pam constantly trying to help Angela with her relationship issues with Dwight, Angela was often cold toward Pam.

However, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey have been extremely close ever since their time on The Office.

Kinsey had these two sweatshirts made in honor of their characters.

The two actresses have been hanging out for years and love showing off their squad time on Instagram . These ladies have done everything from ice skating to baking to attend award shows together.

You would think that with Dwight constantly showing up in insane costume and Michael Scott constantly just being insane, the cast of The Office would have had a very difficult time staying in character.

John Krasinski was not great atbeing serious during the show's sillier scenes. He couldn't stay in character at all while filming the "Dinner Party" episode.

Dwight Schrute actor Rainn Wilson revealed the telltale signs of an incoming Krasinski character break: the twinkle in his eye.

However, here, Krasinski barely even notices Dwight's incredibly distracting ensemble.

Jim Halpert has come under fire recently for what many perceive to be a slew of negative traits. His pranking of Dwight, while once funny, is now sometimes considered to be abusive.

His proclamations of love for Pam, while once romantic, have begun to be seen as manipulative and out of line.

However, that's not at all how Kelly Kapoor actress and The Office writer Mindy Kaling sees the character. Kaling described Jim as being both " unrealistic and desirable ," admitting that the character had affected her expectations for real romantic partners.

The fact that the cast was barely able to get through filming "The Dinner Party" is pretty infamous by now.

Everyone knows how much unforgettable fun the actors had whiletrying to get through that script, as well as how often they broke character in the process.

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