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Sentences Sentence examples

When Dean , he heard movement, followed by a cough.
She , and a contest of wills followed.
That in the imagination of the Egyptians longer than.
The nausea for a while, but was eventually lost in sleep.
My thoughts would often rise and beat up like birds against the wind, and I in using my lips and voice.
Again tried to make his peace with the court in January 1792, but he was so insulted that he was not encouraged to sacrifice himself for the sake of the king and queen, who in remembering all old enmities in their time of trouble.
Henry in his offers after the announcement of her betrothal to James V.
16), and recent excavation has shown how far the cultus of these cities was removed from Mosaic religion and ritual and how long the grosser elements .'
Russia alone neglected to take note of the communication, and in the hostile attitude she had assumed at the moment of the occupation of Massawa.
But Bourne and his friends against both Conference and the local super intendent, who issued bills declaring that no camp-meeting would be held at Norton in August 1807.
Their worship throughout the pagan period, although its character changed considerably in later times.
She ignored his tap on the glass until he and she finally flipped open the lock and he slid in.
It , and she looked down, jumping to see one of several curious cats nudging her leg.
The corporation of Glasgow having in its efforts to obtain a licence, the Treasury appointed Sheriff Andrew Jameson (afterwards Lord Ardwall) a special commissioner to hold a local inquiry in Glasgow to report whether the telephone service in that city was adequate and efficient and whether it was expedient to grant the corporation a licence.
This influence also in later times.
6 a the temple, and so generation after generation the hope of the kingdom , sustained most probably by ever-fresh reinterpretations of ancient prophecy, till in the first half of the 2nd century the delay is explained in the Books of Daniel and Enoch as due not to man's shortcomings but to the counsels of God.
Sean continued to equivocate when the FBI in their questioning.
All publicity was suppressed, and one whole district was disfranchised because it in electing candidates who were disapproved of at court.
The housewife long in deceiving herself by purchasing filled calicoes, and the movement in favour of purer goods owes a good deal, strangely enough, to the increase in the making-up trade and the consequent inconveniences to workers of sewing machines, whose needles were constantly broken by hard filled calicoes.
Thus he distrusted, and probably never fully accepted, Gay-Lussac's conclusions as to the combining volumes of gases; he held peculiar and quite unfounded views about chlorine, even after its elementary character had been settled by Davy; he in using the atomic weights he himself had adopted, even when they had been superseded by the more accurate determinations of other chemists; and he always objected to the chemical notation devised by J.
But I , and an accident soon occurred which resulted in the breaking down of this great barrier--I heard the story of Ragnhild Kaata.
The opening of the congress was postponed, and Sweden and Portugal were added to the European committee, but the Four still in the informal meetings which were to decide the important questions.
His government was stern; he over-rode the privileges of the baronage without regard to precedent; he in keeping large districts under the arbitrary and vexatious jurisdiction of the forest-courts.
The duke, however, refused to join the army of Conde and to fight against France, an attitude in which he throughout, while maintaining his loyalty to the king.
His station, Philippeville, is close to the shores of the Mediterranean, and sea breezes during the day.
It is highly doubtful whether Carteret could have reconciled his duty to the crown with his private friendships, if government had in endeavouring to force the detested coinage on the Irish people.
This is briefly the doctrine that the metals are composed of mercury and sulphur, which in one form or another down to the 17th century.
The chief object of the latter was to fix the meeting-place at a place remote from the influence of the pope, and they in suggesting Basel or Avignon or Savoy, which neither Eugenius nor the Greeks would on any account accept.
During this time the council of Basel, though abandoned by Cesarini and most of its members, none the less, under the presidency of Cardinal Aleman, in affirming its oecumenical character.
In Louisiana alone (as the state is known to-day), out of all the territory acquired from France as the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, was the civil law so established under French and Spanish rule that it under American dominion.
The British ambassador sought by every means in his power to induce Turkey to give way to Russia, going so far as to guarantee the withdrawal of the Russian troops from Moldo-Walachia if the Porte remained at peace, and threatening that if Turkey in her opposition England would join with Russia against her.
This project was with, until on the 18th Murat was himself attacked and severely handled (action of Tarutino or Vinkovo).
The value of the residual induction which when the bobbin was drawn out was added to that of the induction measured, and thus the total induction in the iron was determined.
Experiments with annealed iron gave less satisfactory results, on account of the slowness with which the metal settled down into a new magnetic state, thus causing a " drift " of the magnetometer needle, which sometimes for several seconds.
It is all the more remarkable that the scorpion proves to be the oldest animal form of high elaboration which has to the present day.
People, however, in the belief that the queen had used the countess as an instrument to satisfy her hatred of the cardinal de Rohan.
They, however, obstinately in their opposition to Damasus, combating him at first by riots, and then by calumnious law-suits, such as that instituted by one Isaac, a converted and relapsed Jew.
In the monastery, however, she was held in high honour by the archimandrite; the nuns in regarding her as the lawful empress; and she was permitted an extraordinary degree of latitude, unknown to Peter, who dragged her from her enforced retreat in 1718 on a charge of adultery.
Nevertheless his opposition to the government became more and more pronounced, till in 1827 Lord Dalhousie refused to confirm his appointment to the speakership, and resigned his governorship when the house in its choice.
Her Majesty strongly demurred to a second general election within seven months; but Gladstone , and she yielded.
The Roman Catholic Church," heresy was defined as "error which is voluntarily held in contradiction to a doctrine which has been clearly stated in the creed, and has become part of the defined faith of the church," and which is " in by a member of the church."
Though this was intended as a barrier against Calvinistic influences, certain Reformed writers, as well as Roman Catholics, in claiming the support of the Greek Church for sundry of their own positions.
Hitherto, in the case of those who were brought before him, he had asked them three distinct times whether they were Christians, and, if they in the admission, had ordered them to be taken to execution.
In February 1757 the assembly, " finding the proprietary obstinately in manacling their deputies with instructions inconsistent not only with the privileges of the people, but with the service of the crown, resolv'd to petition the king against them," and appointed Franklin as their agent to present the petition.
It in the main during the 2nd and 3rd centuries, and only faded before the growing influence of metropolitan or diocesan bishops in the 4th century.
Captain George Vancouver (1758-1798), in charge of a British exploring expedition then engaged in mapping the coast (1792-1794), was sceptical of the existence of the river, but Captain Gray, undiscouraged, in the search and on the 11th of May 1792 anchored in the river which he named Columbia in honour of his ship. The later claim of the United States to all the territory drained by the river was based chiefly upon this discovery by Captain Gray, who had succeeded where Spanish and British had failed.
Vespasian made it a colony and called it Flavia: the old name, however, , and still survives as Kaisarieh.
All this suggests that Old Hebrew writings, apart from those preserved in the Canon, to a relatively late period.
Unless we suppose that the latter was suddenly expanded into the stories which thenceforth , it may be inferred that an old extra-canonical tradition (for which a case can be made) continued to survive the compilation of Genesis (q.v.) and ultimately assumed the various exaggerated forms now extant.
Uefore its close the sea of the Great Basin which had since the Devonian was connected with the shallow sea which covered much of the interior of the United States.
This Arian form of Christianity was imparted by Ulfilas and his disciples to most of the tribes of the Gothic stock, and among them, in spite of persecution, for two centuries.
Now, whether a real, though undetected, change occurs is a question to be determined from case to case; it is certain, however, that a substance like aragonite (a mineral form of calcium carbonate) has sensibly in geological periods, though the polymorphous calcite is the more stable form.
This proposal aroused much opposition, but Henry with it; he promised important concessions to the princes, many of whom were induced to consent, and but for his sudden death, which occurred in Sicily in September 1197, it is probable that he would have attained his end.
The tendency to create new forms of a god by wit tituting his worship in new local centres through- god the whole course of Egyptian history, unhindered by the in i)osite tendency which made national out of local gods.
Nor could even the violent religious revolution of Akhenaton (Amenophis iv.), of which we shall later have occasion to speak, sweep away for ever beliefs that had for so many generations.
MONTH, a hawk-headed god of the Thebaid: in Thebes itself his cult was superseded by that of Ammon, but it in Hermonthis.
"What do you mean not the kind I'd understand?" she , standing.
"Unprofessional?" she as she sank into her chair and pulled it up to the table without his assistance.
Such a mitre appears on a seal of Archbisho p Thomas Becket (Father Thurston, The?P allium, London, 1892, p. 17), The custom was, however, .already growing up of setting the horns over the front and back of the head instead of the sides (the mitre said to have belonged to St Thomas Becket, now at Westminster Cathedral, is of this type), 1 and with this the essential character of the mitre, as it through the middle ages, was established.
In spite, therefore, of the encyclopaedic tradition which has from Aristotle through the Arab and medieval schools down to Herbert Spencer, it is forced upon us in our own day that in a pursuit so manysided as medicine, whether in its scientific or in its practical aspect, we have to submit more and more to that division of labour which has been a condition of advance in all other walks of life.
But the prince in the policy he felt to be a necessity, and (23rd of Jan.
On the 18th of December 1573 Alva, who to the end had in his policy of pitiless severity, left Brussels, carrying with him the curses of the people over whom he had tyrannized for six terrible years of misery and oppression.
Alembert in his refusal, and the letter of Catherine was ordered to be engrossed in the minutes of the French Academy.
Pilate refused; and, when they in their petition for six days, he surrounded them 'with soldiers and threatened them with instant death.
Skilfully taking advantage of the jealousies of Poland and Lithuania, as they were accentuated by the personal antagonism of Jagiello and Witowt (q.v.), with the latter of whom the Knights more than once contracted profitable alliances, they even contrived (Treaty of Salin, 1378) to extend their territory by getting possession of the province of Samogitia, the original seat of the Lithuanians, where paganism still , and where their inhuman cruelties finally excited the horror and indignation of Christian Europe.
Between three and four o'clock in the afternoon Prince Andrew, who had in his request to Kutuzov, arrived at Grunth and reported himself to Bagration.
What is it? Natasha with her quick intuition.

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Rainer Hahnekamp

In this article, I will show how to ignore checked exceptions in Java. I will start by describing the rationale behind it and the common pattern to resolve this issue. Then I will present some libraries for that purpose.

Checked and Unchecked Exceptions

In Java, a method can force its caller to deal with the occurrence of potential exceptions. The caller can use the try/catch clause, where the try contains the actual code and catch contains the code to execute when the exception occurs.

Alternatively, the caller can pass on that burden to its parent caller . This can go upwards until the main method is reached. If the main method also passes on the exception, the application will crash when an exception happens.

In the case of an exception, there are many scenarios where the application cannot continue to run and needs to stop. There are no alternative paths. Unfortunately, that means Java forces us to write code for a situation where the application shouldn’t run anymore. Quite useless!

An option is to minimise that boilerplate code. We can wrap the exception into a RuntimeException , which is an unchecked exception. This has the effect that, even though the application still crashes, we don’t have to provide any handling code.

By no means do we log the exception and let the application continue like nothing has happened. It is possible, but is similar to opening Pandora’s Box.

We call these exceptions, for which we have to write extra code, checked exceptions. The others of the RuntimeException type we call unchecked exceptions .

Why Checked Exceptions atall?

We can find lots of checked exceptions in third-party libraries, and even in the Java Class Library itself. The reason is pretty straightforward. A library vendor cannot predict in which context the developer will use their code.

Logically, they don’t know if our application has alternative paths. So they leave the decision to us. Their responsibility is to “label” methods that can potentially throw exceptions. Those labels give us the chance to implement counter-actions.

A good example is the connection to a database. The library vendor marks the connection retrieval method with an exception. If we use the database as a cache, we can send our queries directly to our primary database. This is the alternative path.

If our database is not the cache, there is no way the application can continue to run. And it’s OK if the application crashes:

A lostdatabase

Let’s put our theoretical example to real code:

The database is not used as a cache. In the event of a lost connection, we need to stop the application at once.

As described above, we wrap the DbConnectionException into a RuntimeException .

The required code is relatively verbose and always the same. This creates lots of duplication and decreases the readability.

The RuntimeException Wrapper

We can write a function to simplify this. It should wrap a RuntimeException over some code and return the value. We cannot simply pass code in Java. The function must be part of a class or interface. Something like this:

The RuntimeException wrapping has been extracted into its own class. In terms of software design, this might be the more elegant solution. Still, given the amount of code, we can hardly say the situation got better.

With Java 8 lambdas, things got easier. If we have an interface with one method only, then we just write the specific code of that method. The compiler does the rest for us. The unnecessary or “syntactic sugar code” to create a specific or anonymous class is not required any more. That’s the basic use case for Lambdas.

In Java 8, our example above looks like:

The difference is quite clear: the code is more concise.

Exceptions in Streams Co.

is a very generic interface. It is just a function that returns a value. Use cases for that function, or its variations, appear all over. For our convenience, Java’s Class Library has a set of such common Interfaces built-in. They are in the package and are better known as the “Functional Interfaces.” Our is similar to .

These interfaces form the prerequisite of the powerful Stream, Optional, and other features which are also part of Java 8. In particular, Stream comes with a lot of different methods for processing collections. Many of these methods have a “Functional Interface” as parameter.

Let’s quickly switch the use case. We have a list of URL strings that we want to map into a list of objects of type java.net.URL.

The following code does not compile :

There is a big problem when it comes to exceptions. The Interfaces defined in don’t throw exceptions. That’s why our method createURL doesn’t have the same signature as , which is the parameter of the map method.

What we can do is to write the try/catch block inside the lambda:

This compiles, but doesn’t look nice either. We can now take a step further and write a wrapper function along a new interface similar to :

And apply it to our Stream example:

Great! Now we have a solution, where we can:

SneakyThrow to therescue

The SneakyThrow library lets you skip copying and pasting the code snippets from above. Full disclosure: I am the author.

SneakyThrow comes with two static methods. One runs code without catching checked exceptions. The other method wraps an exception-throwing lambda into one of the Functional Interfaces:

Alternative Libraries


In contrast to SneakyThrow, ThrowingFunction can’t execute code directly. Instead, we have to wrap it into a Supplier and call the Supplier afterwards. This approach can be more verbose than SneakyThrow.

If you have multiple unchecked Functional Interfaces in one class, then you have to write the full class name with each static method. This is because unchecked does not work with method overloading.

On the other hand, ThrowingFunction provides you with more features than SneakyThrow. You can define a specific exception you want to wrap. It is also possible that your function returns an Optional, otherwise known as “lifting.”

I designed SneakyThrow as an opinionated wrapper of ThrowingFunction.


Vavr, or “JavaSlang,” is another alternative. In contrast to SneakyThrow and ThrowingFunction, it provides a complete battery of useful features that enhance Java’s functionality.

For example, it comes with pattern matching, tuples, its own Stream and much more. If you haven’t heard of it, it is definitely worth a look. Prepare to invest some time in order to understand its full potential.

Project Lombok

Such a list of libraries is not complete without mentioning Lombok. Like Vavr, it offers much more functionality than just wrapping checked exceptions. It is a code generator for boilerplate code and creates full Java Beans, Builder objects, logger instances, and much more.

Lombok achieves its goals by bytecode manipulation. Therefore, we require an additional plugin in our IDE.

@SneakyThrows is Lombok’s annotation for manipulating a function with a checked exception into one that doesn’t. This approach doesn’t depend on the usage of lambdas, so you can use it for all cases. It is the least verbose library.

Please keep in mind that Lombok manipulates the bytecode which can cause problems with other tooling you might use.

Further Reading

The code is available on GitHub

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